The Cowboy Way

Being a Cowboy is doing the right thing; common

wisdom born of simple virtues and strong ideals.

Above all, it is a strict adherence to honesty even

when it is not in our best interests. It is having an

inherent sense of justice in a world where the cards

are often stacked against us. We try to hold

enough common sense to recognize the value of a

lost cause and the cost of lost values. Generally

speaking, we are quietly reserved in all things except

freedom, fresh air and Saturday night. We have a keen

eye for a good horse, a good gun, and a good Cowgirl.

(Cowgirls may insert the word Cowboy here.)

Constant to friends, we are more so when friends need

us, less so when they don't. Familiar with hard

work we also know hard knocks and hard roads.

Often given to tears when lesser individuals would

display indifference; we are as well given to joy in a few

places others would only find disdain. We enjoy

plain living, not because we relish doing without,

but because we have discovered the treasures within.

And, finally, we have that elusive emotion called

courage which is, at worst, a badly directed sense of

conceit and, at best, it is the stuff

of which dreams are made. . . .

Judge Charly Gullett--1995

The above essay is from Cowboy Action Shooting,by Judge Charly Gullett. This is the definitive work about Cowboy Action ShootingŪ, and is a "must read" for everyone involved in the sport. It is used with his kind permission. You can order this book from

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